Voted the best veterinary clinic in Iowa City! 

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Cat Clinic of Iowa City

Take the stress out of visiting the veterinarian.

Established in 2002, the Cat Clinic of Iowa City remains Iowa City’s sole feline-exclusive full-service veterinary clinic.

Full-service veterinary clinic
Peaceful, relaxing environment
Less stressful visits to the vet
About our cat clinic

Your veterinarian for cats in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

Our veterinarians offers all the same veterinary services of a general small animal hospital and combines them with our specialized knowledge of feline medicine. Without the noises and smells of dogs, our fully equipped facility provides a peaceful and more relaxing environment for your feline companion.

Voted the best veterinary clinic in Iowa City

We’re thrilled to announce that our veterinary clinic in Iowa City has been recognized as the best in town. A sincere thank you extends to all our patrons for your steadfast support!

veterinary services

A veterinary haven for all felines.

The Cat Clinic of Iowa City staff of experienced feline health professionals provides a compact, full-service veterinary clinic committed to serving these charismatic aristocrats of the pet world.

Feline Wellness Care

No matter their age, we recommend your feline be brought in for routine examinations.

Feline Dental Care

The cat clinic of Iowa City considers dental care one of the most important components of your feline’s wellness.

Feline Surgical Procedures

The cat clinic of Iowa City is able to offer a wide range of surgical procedures.

Feline Diagnostics

Our on-site medical lab and cutting-edge equipment provide swift and accurate diagnoses.

Feline Medical Grooming

Our staff would like to help you start this new relationship in the healthiest way we can.

Feline Microchipping

The best way to increase the length and quality of life is by scheduling regular veterinary exams.

meet our team

We’re a team of experienced feline health professionals.

Our veterinarians and staff are experienced with the unique, respectful handling that cats may require and adjust their techniques to each patient’s personality to ensure a gentler and more harmonious experience. Overall, the Cat Clinic of Iowa City gives cat and cat owners alike less stressful visits to keep patients healthy and help our sick or injured patients heal.

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View our full-service veterinary clinic.

Our modern facility provides a veterinary haven to all cats, both healthy and healing. Clients appreciate the positive difference in behavior that our warm and quiet atmosphere inspires in their cats.