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Cat Clinic of Iowa City

Feline Microchipping at the Cat Clinic of Iowa City

Microchips enable missing cats to be returned to their owners as soon as possible.

Cat Clinic of Iowa City Services

We will strive to the best of our ability to have a friendly and caring environment in which we can create an atmosphere of trust between our staff and clients.

Why should your pet be microchipped?

Over 10 million pets go missing every year, according to PetFinder, and one in every three pets will go missing at some point in their lives. If your pet goes missing and is found, any clinic or shelter can use a special microchip scanner to find out essential information about your pet and contact you as quickly as possible for a reunion. Microchipped pets were located 52 percent more often than those without microchips in one study, compared to only 22 percent of the time for creatures without microchips. Please notify your microchip company if you move or change your contact information at any time so they can update their records.

How does the pet get its microchip?

The microchip is contained within a needle that is implanted between the shoulder blades and cannot be removed or damaged. Once implanted, the microchip remains in place indefinitely, keeping your pet safe and secure. If your pet ever needs to be identified (for example, if it runs away and is apprehended by the authorities), any veterinarian with a handheld scanner may locate the microchip.